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It's Simple... 

Love yourself, Love others.

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.

Replace judgments with observations.

Search for truth within & outward in the world.

Above all remember, Only God Can Judge.


Behind The "Think for Yourself" Collection

For far too long society has been pressuring us; to compete with one another, to cover up our flaws, to buy more products to fill the void within, “take this drug to feel better,“ drink this,” “eat that,” feeding the ego, and - whatever the case may be. All of these things bring us farther and farther away from the true whole self which is perfectly imperfect and complete. It also brings us farther away from one another. This limits our freedom and happiness. There’s a lot of money to be made in helping you “fill this void” in which you can fill and find when searching within (hidden treasure).

We also believe that a lot of hate and racism has been passed down through generations and we think it’s time for those chains to break. If not now, when? It has already hurt so many of us. The more we wake up, become present, and conscious. The more we can help one another and ourselves by being our best selves. It starts with you. It ends with we.

We need to start thinking for ourselves. Don’t live your life based on what others are doing or saying. Ask yourself, educate yourself, research, talk to others and overall Think for Yourself. When doing so it contributes to finding yourself, and freeing yourself.


About OGCJ

We are just this little, yet hopeful company that’s been working out of NJ/NYC since being founded in 2014 by Deena Delrose. Our new collection and philosophy is a reflection of our journey thus far. We feel the pain. We see the pain and we are on a mission to change it the best way we can. In case you were wondering OGCJ is not based on any particular religion. 

Also, with the launch of our New Collection (12.7.16) we took away all of the "categories" we previously had; men, women, plus size, etc. and instead categorized by Collection Name. We don't want to put people in a box or separate them based on color, size and style.

With love & good vibes,

- The OGCJ Family


Message from the Founder/CEO

I am humbly honored that I am able to present this collection. The "Think for Yourself" Collection means a lot to me. As I observe what I see on a daily basis; on the news, social media, the streets of NYC, etc. I am often dumbfounded. At the same time I am heartbroken. Mostly for the lack of self knowledge people have of themselves. Unfortunately, they are big targets for the over saturated markets that take advantage of people trying to cure their problems with a quick "fix" (drugs, food, you name it).

Thankfully there's been a change happening where people are starting to become more conscious of their choices, and more aware of ones self. I pray that this continues and will work hard because there's so much love, joy, serenity, understanding and connection with ones self and others to be found there. The "Thinking for Yourself" Collection is my way in helping share that awareness and spread the love and light that this world needs so desperately.

- Deana Delrose



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